Our Story


3Pillars.Digital helps you make your digital strategy work.

We grew from 3Pillars Asia Pacific, founded in 2008 in Perth, Western Australia.  It assists medium and large organisations to implement their strategies. Over 10 years, it has successfully delivered projects across Australia and the Asia Pacific. 

The digital revolution is a ‘Wild West’ of breakthrough technologies and new ways of working. Much has changed already:

  • 24x7x365 availability.
  • Automated processing.
  • Instant communication and collaboration.

But there’s more to come:

  • Intelligent automation.
  • AI-supported decision-making.
  • New business models.

Many leaders are feeling confused and overwhelmed.  They sense a loss of control. How can you map a path and steer your business forward?

3Pillars.Digital brings a wealth of expertise, advice, support and experience.

We’re a tight-knit team, without the bloat of global consultants and prime contractors. Every one of us has at least ten years of hands-on business experience. We’re highly qualified, and we bring important learning from what we’ve delivered for organisations around the world.  We’ve seen projects go off the rails – and we’ve got them back on track.

We work with technology, but we’re about much more than technology. We’re about people, capability and change. For game changing results, you have to change the game. We work with you to do that.