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Digital Leadership Capability DEVELOPMENT

Digital leadership means a digital first mentality.  Leading in a digital workplace is different to leading in a traditional workplace.

Our leadership development programs have strong digital elements. Online and social learning platforms blend with hands-on programs. The result is an immersive experience.

We offer the knowledge, skills and tools your future leaders need.  Participants learn to examine and adjust their own leadership. They gain the vision, approach and practices to lead digital change.

Our experienced digital and change specialists assist and coach throughout.


  • Digital leadership capability gap analysis and needs assessment.

  • Development of customised digital leadership coaching and development programs.

  • Facilitated digital technology awareness workshops for Leadership Teams.

  • Provision of digital technology immersion training for leaders.

  • Provision of digital technology training programs for responsible managers and operational SMEs.

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Digital Culture Maturity Diagnosis

Is your culture digitally mature? We use contemporary measures to make an assessment. The diagnostics are tailored to your needs. The focus is digital empowerment. How ready are work groups to operate digitally?

We identify next steps towards a digital culture.

In particular, we address the relative maturity of different work groups. Different work groups have different needs for succeeding in the digital world.  Our insights help prioritise activity and investment for best results.


  • Digital culture maturity diagnostic assessment and report:

    • Quantitative only.

    • Quantitative and qualitative.

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Digital Culture Development

Culture is the operating system of the organisation.

If you focus on building culture and capability, your organisational transformation is 2.5 times more likely to succeed.

3Pillars.Digital helps you understand cultural challenges in your environment. Why is new technology adoption so hard? What is inhibiting innovation and change?

We help you develop a roadmap for cultural transformation. Then we help deliver it.


  • “Culture for digital” strategy and roadmap development.

  • Culture development program design and development.

  • Culture development program delivery as a service.