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Digital Solutions Partner

Contemporary digital technologies have evolved to be more functional, more affordable and more accessible for organisations.  Emerging technologies promise possibilities, and can provide early-mover advantage.

The number of providers have increased in every area; Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Trends and Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning, Robotics, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Autonomous Navigation on vehicles and drones, 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing, Virtual-Reality (VR), Augmented-Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). 

Arguably, the only truly emerging technologies are Block Chain and Quantum Computing with potential to revolutionise the society’s Operating Models.

Digital Technology Providers offer varying solution alternatives which can cause confusion in the market.  3Pillars.Digital keeps abreast of today’s technology, future directions and innovation uses across industries.  We assess technology partners’ capability and business viability.  We source and recommend digital technologies that are intuitive and fit-for-purpose to deliver desired business outcomes.  We help you to design end-to-end digital solution processes leveraging open technologies and inter-operable platforms. 



  • Digital Solutions that are fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and with a future-view

  • Solutions that incorporate Enterprise and Digital Technologies and non-technology process components

  • Identify technology partners with viable business models and shared values for the client’s needs

  • Sustainable support and maintenance arrangements

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Transformation changes everything. Operating models. Workflows. Supply chains. Service delivery processes.  Workforce roles, responsibilities and hierarchies.

We work with business leaders to identify the operational changes required to leverage digital technologies and produce fundamentally different business outcomes.

We use our expertise and experience to support you to change the game. So you and your team develop a next-generation operating model. 

We help companies and public sector organisations to translate what they do in a digital Business Operating Model which has:

  • Vision

  • Value propositions

  • Strategy

  • Product and service delivery structure

  • Organisational design and business process architecture


  • Facilitation of the Digital Business Operating Model planning process.

  • Development of alternative digital operating models.

  • Redesign of core processes to support business model changes.

  • Design of the workforce structure including roles and reporting relationships.

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Developing digital strategy is hard. Executing digital strategy is harder.

Few organisations have all the resources they need to do it well. Balancing change and existing business can be challenging.

Once the digital business operating model is defined, we help you make it happen.  We provide the program management, change management and implementation services to bring the Digital Business Operating Model to market and deliver the value propositions.

We offer program and project management support to meet your needs and compliment your existing team. 


  • End to end program management of operating model transitions.

  • Project management of digital supply chain integration.

  • Execution of the of the strategies to deliver value through digital service streams and products.

  • Short-term and interim resourcing and support in specific areas of expertise.

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Transformation is about more than technology. More than digital skills.

Transformation requires mind shifts and different work practices systematically applied across the organisation.

Our change management follows a proven methodology.  We understand how change is made and sustained.

We start from a clear understanding of the current state, which usually varies across business units.

We identify points where action is most needed or will have most impact. We target intervention to these points to achieve intended outcomes.

The result is not just change, but sustainable change.


  • Change management strategy development.

  • Change management delivery as a service.

  • Independent change readiness assessments.

  • Post implementation change assessments.